Seawalker Sanur Bali.

Seawalker Sanur: A Thrilling Underwater Adventure Bali

Seawalker Sanur is one of the most popular places to do underwater activities by walking on the sea floor. No wonder why this place is so popular. Because Sanur Beach not only has beautiful beach views.

But it also has complete activities for various water tourism activities. One of them is like this seawalk.

Unforgettable Sanur Seawalker Activities

Seawalker itself actually has many names. Some call it Bali Seawalker. There are also those who mention the Bali Seawalker. But actually the activity itself is the same.

Namely by walking under the sea using special equipment that is safe for beginners.

In fact, you do not need to have diving skills or even a diving certificate to do this activity. You also don’t need to know how to swim to do this activity.

But you can see the beautiful underwater ecosystem with cute fish and amazing coral reefs.

More specifically, this seawalker or ocean walker activity is an activity of walking on the sea floor. With the help of special equipment in the form of a waterproof helmet.

So it is safe for you to use and ensure that water does not enter the helmet.

The helmet is also attached to an oxygen tube that will help you breathe normally.

This waterproof helmet for Bali sea walk activity itself has clear glass which will be flowed by pure oxygen through the hose. In this way, water will not enter through the helmet.

Because the helmet is specially designed to be waterproof for seawalking activities.

For those of you who wear glasses and contact lenses, there is no need to worry because you can still participate in this activity without removing them.

Because there is already protection from waterproof helmets that will make you safer.

Best Sanur Beach in Bali

Sanur Beach itself is indeed one of the most beautiful beaches on the island of the gods. The popularity of this beach itself is almost the same as Kuta Beach.

But the difference is that if Kuta Beach is famous for its sunset phenomenon. Then Sanur Beach is more famous for its sunrise phenomenon.

The location of this beach is also quite close to Ngurah Rai Airport, which is only about 14 meters away with a travel time of about 30 minutes.

Once at the location, you will be given instructions by trained and experienced guides and instructors.

The briefing and instructions given will cover breathing techniques, how to dive and what to look out for once you are on the bottom.

You will also learn about the equipment that you will be using underwater during the Seawalker activities. But don’t worry, our guides will give you friendly instructions. You can also do this activity easily.

In fact, breathing with a waterproof helmet is almost the same as breathing on land. So you won’t find it difficult, even if it’s your first time trying this Seawalker activity.

Then you and the other participants will be taken by speed boat to the dive site around Sanur beach.

After arriving at the site, you will descend to the seabed using a ladder at a depth of approximately 5 to 7 meters.

While on the seabed you can walk around, see beautiful fish and beautiful coral reef scenery. You may also have the opportunity to feed the fish.

This activity takes 30 minutes. Upon completion, you will be brought back to Sanur Beach.

Stages of Sanur Seawalker Activity

To give you a complete picture, here are the stages of Sanur Bali Seawalker activity:

1. Preparation

The first stage as soon as you arrive at the location is to make preparations by getting a briefing from our instructor or guide.

Here you will be given various important information about the equipment you will be using to do seawalker activities.

You will also learn how to use equipment such as a soundproof helmet so that you will not have any problems when you get to the dive site.

You will also be told what not to do while on the seafloor.

2. Transfer to the Dive Site

After you have changed into your swimsuit and received instructions from the instructor. Our staff will take you by speed boat to the seawalker site which is located around Sanur Beach.

Here you don’t need to wear a swimsuit, you can still wear casual clothes. Or clothes that make you feel comfortable.

3. Wearing Diving Equipment

To do this Seawalker activity, you will need to use equipment that will be assisted by our staff and instructors

. This equipment is special equipment for seawalkers, so it is different from general scuba diving equipment.

4. Descent to the Bottom of the Sea Using a Ladder

After using all the equipment you need to do Seawalker activities. Then you will descend from the speedboat to the bottom of the sea with the help of a ladder.

Our officers and instructors will continue to guide and escort you down to the seabed.

5. Walking on the Seafloor

After successfully descending to the seafloor, you can walk around and see the beautiful marine ecosystem. Our instructors will keep you company while you are on the seafloor.

6. Breathe Like on Land

While walking on the seafloor you will wear a special waterproof helmet. The helmet is also connected to an oxygen tube so you can breathe normally.

If you wear glasses or contact lenses, you can still use them during this activity.

Seawalker Sanur Bali Price Included

The seawalker price we offer is inclusive:

  • All equipment to do Seawalker activities such as special waterproof helmets and Seawalker shoes called booties.
  • Changing rooms with full facilities such as showers, lockers and including clean towels for you to use.
  • Instruction by highly experienced and professional seawalker instructors.
  • The seawalker price includes service charge, tax and insurance.

For more information you can contact us below. So that you can feel the sensation of an unusual vacation while in Bali by doing Seawalker Bali activities.

Seawalker Sanur Bali itself is the best and most popular location because this beach not only has a beautiful view of white sand and blue sea water. But also has an amazing underwater view.

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