Bali banana boat.

Bali Banana Boat: Embark on an Exhilarating Water Adventure

The island of the gods is indeed a paradise for various water sports ranging from jet skiing, parasailing, diving, snorkeling to the famous Bali banana boat. In fact, water recreation on this island is very complete, one of which is a banana boat.

There are many places to play banana boat in Bali. Starting from Kuta Beach, Sanur Beach to Tanjung Benoa.

Facilities for playing water tourism are also fairly complete and in accordance with safety standards. Because insurance is available, professional expert instructors and equipment to support safety when playing.

Bali Banana Boat Water Tourism

Banana boat itself is a big yellow rubber boat that looks like a banana. The way it works is almost the same as riding a horse. You and several other people can climb into the rubber boat, which is later pulled by a speedboat to spin around in the water around the beach.

For 15 minutes you and the other passengers will feel the adrenaline and excitement as well as the beautiful scenery around the beach.

Occasionally you may fall into the sea water, so to play banana boat you must use a life jacket.

Best Bali Banana Boat Activities

Bali water sports tourism has indeed been famous to foreign countries, it is not surprising that this island is a tourist destination during the holidays. Because besides being able to enjoy beautiful scenery, rich culture and delicious culinary. Here you can also enjoy the excitement of a vacation by playing various water rides.

The rubber boat used for this sport itself is made of thick rubber. But still light so that it can be steered by a speedboat. The distance between the speedboat and the banana boat is about five meters.

This activity is very exciting, especially when the banana boat crashes into the waves, exposing you and your passengers to seawater or even causing you to fall.

After 15 minutes of circling the beach, the banana boat returns to the shore. But usually there will be a surprise where the banana boat will be reversed to make the passengers fall and get wet.

But you don’t have to worry, because you will use a life jacket, so you don’t have to be afraid of drowning. Also, there will be a guide or instructor supervising your activities.

If you are interested in trying this one ride in Bali, then you can book right now on this website. And we guarantee that your vacation will be unforgettable.

Reasons why you should order Banana Boat Watersports Bali

There are several reasons why you must book a banana boat with us, because we have various advantages, such as

  • Flexible and easy booking process.
  • Cheaper prices and valid on the spot.
  • The duration of the game is in accordance with the standard.
  • Can make payments directly on the spot, so there is no need to make a deposit beforehand.
  • Protection insurance guarantee to keep your vacation safe.
  • Trained, experienced and professional guides or instructors to ensure your safety when doing activities.
  • A location that is comfortable and easy for you to get to.
  • Has a relaxing area for those of you who come with family.

Best Bali Watersports Banana Boat Package

We are here to provide attractive offers because we offer more affordable prices. So you can enjoy various water sports activities in Bali but still save on your pocket.

The trick is to provide a package price that will certainly be much more economical and there are many games available.

So besides banana boat, you can also play various other rides that are less exciting.

In addition to being more economical, the advantage of our package is the free shuttle service that you can order directly.

And here are some of the advantages we have:

1. Shuttle Service

We provide a service to pick you up and drop you off with a comfortable vehicle and of course a friendly driver. The shuttle time is also quite flexible.

However, this service is limited to some areas only. Please contact us for more information.

2. Convenient Location

Because the location of our own water sports place is very easy for you to reach with various vehicles. We will help you to inform our location by displaying an accurate map.

The location is also not difficult for you to find and provides a parking lot that can be for four-wheeled private vehicles. Or for large vehicles such as buses for those of you coming with a group.

At the location we also provide a variety of complete facilities to support your comfort. Starting from clean toilets, washrooms with showers, lockers where you can store your luggage for safety.

There are also clean towels that you can use, so you don’t have to worry about carrying a lot of luggage.

And most importantly, all of our facilities and services are free of charge.

With a fairly large place, those of you who come with a group will still feel comfortable. Because our place can accommodate hundreds of people.

As for those of you who come with family, there is no need to worry because we provide various facilities and a comfortable place for you and your children. So that children will not get bored easily. You can also have a comfortable and enjoyable vacation.

3. Insurance and Security

We always provide safety insurance. Because the most important and main thing in an extreme adventure ride is the safety of all existing rides. Including the banana boat you provide.

You can also use safety equipment that meets the standards.

All the equipment we have is still new and suitable for use.

Not only do we provide the latest equipment and equipment that is safe. We also provide guides or instructors who will accompany and assist you during your activities.

These instructors are trained, experienced, professional and friendly. When giving instructions on all water sports activities.

Because before you start the activity, our guide will give you instructions on what you need to pay attention to. Both before and after the activity.

Of course this is very important for you to feel comfortable and safe during the activity.

In addition, we have also worked with one of the trusted insurance agents. And will provide protection to you during the activity.

Then our company will be ready to bear the cost of the hospital. And provide compensation that will certainly be very helpful to you. We do this to ensure your safety during your activities with us.

Last Word

As one of the most trusted water sports service providers in Bali, we understand that it is not only the availability of complete trips, comfortable facilities and affordable prices that are important.

But safety is also very important, so we always make sure that all visitors can have the best experience during their vacation and stay safe.

You can contact us at k081237711817. To experience the excitement of playing the best Bali Banana Boat.