Discover the top Bali jetski spots for an unforgettable vacation. Recommended best locations to enjoy thrilling jetski adventures.

Jet Ski Bali: Incredible Sensation with Speed and Waves

Riding a jet ski in Bali is one of the most interesting activities and another way to enjoy the beautiful coastal scenery of the Island of the Gods.

No wonder this water sports vehicle is one of the favorites for tourists. Because it offers its own challenges that you can’t enjoy every day.

But even so, you don’t have to be afraid if it’s your first time or even inexperienced in riding a jet ski. Because now there are many jet ski operators who already have experienced and certainly professional instructors. To teach you how to ride a jet ski.

Usually you will be taken to the middle of the sea first. Then you will learn to drive it yourself.

Best and Famous Bali Jetski Places

In Bali itself, there are many beaches that offer beautiful scenery and are suitable for water sports activities. Because most of the beaches in Bali have waves that are fairly stable and not too big.

Like the following 8 places which are perfect for Bali Jetski:

1. Tanjung Benoa in Nusa Dua

Nusa Dua Beach itself is located in the Bali Tourism Development Corporation or BTDC area. And is known as an exclusive tourist area. In addition, there are also tons of beaches here that you can use for jet skiing and other water sports activities.

Like parasailing, banana boat and various other water sports.

Meanwhile, Tanjung Benoa is located in the southern region of Bali Island, more precisely in Tanjung Benoa Village, South Kuta District, Badung Regency.

Its location is between two seas with stable wave conditions. So this place is not only beautiful, but also the main destination for tourists who want to experience challenging water sports.

2. Kuta Beach

The second location is of course Kuta Beach, which is a must-visit place when you go to Bali. With easy access from Ngurah Rai Airport, this beach not only has a beautiful sunset view.

But here you can also try various challenging water activities. Such as jet ski, parasailing, banana boat, snorkeling and others.

3. Sanur Beach

Next is Sanur Beach, which is no less beautiful and popular than Kuta Beach. This beach is famous for its exotic sunrise phenomenon.

In addition, you can also try various water sports such as jet skiing.

You can even ride a jet ski from Nusa Penida to Sanur Beach.

4. Lovina Watersports

Lovina Beach is located in the North Bali region, which is also one of the places where you can do jet ski and various other water sports. Even here, you can ride a jet ski to go to the middle of the sea and see dolphins that often appear in the area.

No wonder that Lovina Beach has finally become one of the best water sports tourist destinations in Bali. The beach itself is located in Buleleng district, Bali. Since the location is quite far from Denpasar, you have to take a long journey to get to this beach.

5. Serangan Island

Next is a small island located south of Denpasar, this island is called Serangan Island which is located quite far from the city center of Denpasar. To get to this island, you even have to cross the Sakenan Serangan Bridge. And travel up to 20 minutes.

This island seems to form a gap between which there are waters that are very suitable for you to use to play water sports. One of them is jet ski.

6. Nusa Penida

Nusa Penida is a small island on the southeast side of Bali. On this island there are some very beautiful beaches. Not only the beaches that you can enjoy the beauty.

You can also enjoy the underwater scenery of this island by diving or snorkeling. In addition, you can also play jet ski to move around the island.

To reach this island, you can cross from Sanur with a boat.

7. Nusa Lembongan

Still in the Nusa Penida area, Klungkung Regency. Situated just to the west of Nusa Penida, this island is still relatively untouched by tourists. So you will feel more private and like you are on a private island.

In addition, the size of the island is not too big and you can easily explore it without spending a lot of time. You can also jet ski around the island in its calm waters.

Not only does the island have beautiful white sandy beaches, you can also enjoy a variety of interesting water sports activities on the island.

To get to the island, you can take a speed boat or use a wooden boat.

8. Labuhan Amuk Beach

This beach in the eastern part of Bali Island may still be unknown to some tourists. But if you want to enjoy a complete water sports vehicle, then this island can be the main destination.

You can enjoy the experience of riding a banana boat to jet ski.

To get to this beach, you have to drive about 1 hour from Denpasar via Jalan Ida Bagus Mantra.

Tips for Choosing Bali and Safe Jet Ski

Before you go jet skiing, you should know the tips for choosing the best jet ski service to accompany your adventure safely.

Actually, you can easily find jet ski rental services around the places or beaches that we have mentioned above.

But there are several things that you need to pay attention to. Starting with safety, the presence of instructors who will guide you and insurance that will be a security during the vacation.

In addition, the price should also be a major concern. Because sometimes the price offered at the location can be many times more expensive.

This is because some of the rental companies do not have official licenses. Alias illegal.

For this reason, you should consider the following points before choosing a Bali jet ski rental or rental service:

  • Rental or rental services that already have an official or legal license.
  • Have insurance to guarantee your safety.
  • Have instructors who are experts, professionals and have high experience.
  • Prices on the website and location are not different.
  • Have a fleet of Jet Skis that are still working normally.
  • Check the reputation of the rental company through reviews on the website.
  • Provide equipment that supports your safety while using jet skis.

Final Thoughts

To accompany your vacation with your family in Bali, we offer Bali jet ski rental services at affordable prices. Accompanied by an instructor who will guide you and equipment that is in accordance with safety standards. Just contact us at 081237711817.