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Parasailing Bali Fun Water Sports Activities at Cheap Prices

Parasailing Bali is one of the fun activities that you can do during your vacation time. This one ride is one of the rides or games that most tourists like.

Because by playing parasailing, you will feel the sensation of flying freely in the sky and enjoy the fresh Bali air. From the height you can also enjoy the view of Bali and its beautiful beaches.

Parasailing Bali Best Vacation Activity for Family

For those of you who want to try parasailing in Bali, then you can visit several beaches on the island of the gods. Among them are Sanur Beach, Tanjung Benoa Beach, Lembongan Beach and several other beaches.

You can enjoy this exciting and adrenaline pumping activity even if you don’t have the skills of a skydiver.

This is because the parachute used for parasailing is special and different from the parachute used for skydiving.

The parachute used for parasailing is pulled by a speedboat to get around the beach.

This game itself is perfect for your vacation activities with family and friends while on the Island of the Gods.

To do this activity is not too difficult because there will be guides and instructors to help you. But you should wear casual clothes so that you can do the activity more comfortably.

This will make it easier and more comfortable for you to fly in the air later. Also, don’t forget to wear a moisturizer to protect your skin from the sun during the day.

As one of the tourist attractions that many people like, the parasailing umbrella itself successfully decorates the beach area, adding to the beauty of the surrounding scenery.

Before you try this game, you will get a briefing from the guide and instructor.

Starting from the introduction of the equipment you will use, good standing position before flying, body position when already in the air to what techniques you can use before landing.

Most tourists really like this activity, but they also like various other water sports activities. From scuba diving to jet skiing.

Here are some things you should consider before parasailing activities:

1. The Initial Process of Flying with Parasailing

The use of a canopy for this ride will be adjusted to the size of your body weight. This is to ensure that your body is not overloaded. Also to maintain your balance and comfort in the air.

Therefore, there are various choices of colors and sizes of parachute umbrellas that you can use.

When the equipment has been successfully installed safely. Then the instructor will give instructions to the speedboat to start moving and pulling the canopy. Then you will be taken to fly slowly.

The length of the parachute cord itself with the speedboat is usually about 80 meters. There will be two people in the speedboat, the first person will be in charge of driving the speedboat.

While the second person will serve as a guide who will oversee your activities. When you land, the glider will be guarded by several people.

2. Parasailing Equipment

The equipment used on this fun vehicle is guaranteed to be safe. So that all the equipment works properly and is of international standard, so it will definitely be safe.

So you don’t need to worry when you go on this ride when you are in Bali. Because almost all parasailing equipment has passed international safety standards.

In addition, the guide will also be happy to accompany you and your children in the air. Especially if the children are not brave enough to fly alone. 

Usually the guide will accompany participants under the age of 10.

The equipment you will use is not only a canopy. But also a life jacket to keep you afloat in case the parachute falls into the sea.

If you are interested in trying this activity. Then you have come to the right place. Because we offer pocket friendly prices for almost all types of water sports in Bali.

From banana boat, jet ski, scuba diving to parasailing.

Some Things You Should Consider Before Parasailing with Us

In addition to offering more affordable prices, we also provide a variety of the best services with supporting facilities.

Here are some things you should know before parasailing with us.

  • The duration of the parasailing activity is 1 lap around the beach.
  • Prices for parasailing are only available for Indonesian citizens.
  • The price package we offer includes insurance for this game ride, service fees and taxes.
  • Parasailing activity for 1 person.
  • The parasailing water sport price includes additional equipment such as life jackets for participants.
  • Parasailing is completely dependent on the weather and wind direction. So even if the weather conditions are clear. But if the wind is not favorable for this activity to be carried out, then it is beyond our control.
  • For your safety, if the weather and wind direction are not favorable, the activity will be canceled.
  • Cancellations of parasailing activities due to unfavorable weather or wind direction will be rotated and replaced with other game activities.
  • Changes in weather and wind direction may occur at any time without prior notice. Therefore, cancellation of parasailing activities may occur at any time. And we cannot predict this as it is beyond our control.

Is Parasailing Safe?

For those of you who still doubt the safety of this activity, consider that you are being taken high in a parachute pulled by a speedboat.

Of course, there are still many tourists who are concerned about its safety.

But we make sure that all the parasailing equipment we use is guaranteed safety. Because it has guaranteed safety and is in accordance with international standards.

Even if you do not dare to fly alone, you can ask to be accompanied by our instructors, who are trained and have many flying hours. In addition, you will receive instructions from the guides before the flight.

Even if you are already in the air, our guides will faithfully give you instructions through a loudspeaker.

To land, it’s very easy to pull the red or blue cord on your parachute.

There are no special requirements for parasailing, children from 10 years old and adults up to 60 years old can do this activity.

Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an instructor. In addition, our instructors will be ready to accompany you to fly freely in the air.

Don’t forget to make us your vacation partner to enjoy the Bali parasailing experience at a pocket-friendly price. Contact us at 081237711817 for reservations and more information.