Experience thrilling vacation moments with Flyfish Bali. Take on the challenge and enjoy an adrenaline ride amidst the stunning scenery.

Flyfish Bali: Experience the Thrill Soar Above the Waves

Flyfish Bali is one of the most interesting and challenging rides you can do around the beach. In fact, the first purpose of a vacation in Bali is to visit its beautiful beaches.

Because this island has a long list of beautiful beaches that you can visit during your vacation.

Sitting back and relaxing while enjoying the beauty of the beautiful white sand beach and the blue coastal landscape and refreshing your eyes will indeed be an interesting activity to do.

Especially if it’s late in the afternoon, because some beaches in Bali have very beautiful sunset views. So it’s worth looking forward to.

But to fill your free time in the morning, you can do some unusual or even challenging activities.

One of the activities you can do is fly fishing, which is one of the water sports that is not only fun. But also challenging adrenaline.

What is fly fishing?

If you have visited one of the beaches in Bali, you might have seen this fly fishing ride. Or even interested to try it because this game looks very exciting and challenging.

So it often makes many people wonder what is the sensation of playing Flyfish.

Flyfish itself is a game that uses a unique boat. Because the shape of this boat is a combination of three boat shapes. Namely, the shape of a banana that is connected at the front and back.

While on the right and left side, there are wings on this boat that make it look like fish fins.

The capacity of this boat itself can accommodate a maximum of three people with a guide or instructor in the middle. Then two people are participants who are on the right and left side.

The weight of the participants must be considered so that it is balanced between the left and right parts. So that the guide can maintain the balance of the Flyfish when it flies.

1. Bali Flyfish Experience

This one ride is one of the most challenging and unique activities. But despite the challenge and adrenaline rush, this activity is preferred by many tourists. Especially for those who want to enjoy their vacation in an unusual way.

To play fly fishing, you can sit in an inflatable boat that looks like a flying fish.

Then the rubber boat is pulled by a speedboat, which occasionally makes the boat glide fast and float in the air.

The game itself has a different level of excitement than other water sports activities.

2. Positions when playing Flyfish

The body position when trying to play this game is quite varied. You can choose to sit like on a motorcycle or a banana boat. Or sleep on your back.

However, the safest and most recommended position is to sleep on your back. This is because you can hold on to the rope that runs across the middle and sides of the boat.

The speedboat will pull the boat from the beach to the middle of the sea at a fairly high speed and downwind. That’s why the aerodynamic factor will make the boat you’re riding can rise or lift into the air. Even up to 2 or 3 meters above sea level.

For this reason, you will be advised to take a supine sleeping position while holding on to the rope to make it safer.

You will feel the sensation of flying over the sea for a few seconds. This sensation is truly an adrenaline rush that you will never forget. Therefore, fly fishing is a way to spend your vacation time in Bali in a different way.

3. Is Flyfishing Bali safe?

To ensure your comfort and safety. We have prepared professional officers who will help you and accompany you throughout the trip.

They will also give you complete instructions on how to board the Flyfish boat. Then how to ride the Flyfish in the correct position. As well as providing various information about the rules of the game that you must follow.

In addition, we have also prepared insurance that will protect you during the activities and playing flyfishing.

4. Instruction and game duration

All our staff, guides and instructors are experienced and highly qualified. They will professionally ensure that your vacation goes safely and comfortably.

This is done by providing various guidelines and instructions during the activity. From the introduction of the equipment you will be using, to determining a safe position while fly fishing, to fully explaining all the rules of the game from the beginning to the end of the game.

To ensure your safety, we also use equipment that is still in good working order and meets international standards. The length of the game varies, but usually there are two rounds, each lasting about 10 minutes.

Flying Fish Bali Game Details

For more details, here are some details of the Flying Fish game on the island of Bali:

  • The duration of the activity is two flights that take approximately 8 to 10 minutes.
  • The Bali flyfishing price applies equally to both adult and child participants.
  • Insurance only covers participants with a minimum age of 8 years and a maximum age of 65 years.
  • The Flyfish price is for Indonesian citizens only.
  • Children can fly fish but must meet age and weight requirements. It is possible that participants are 8 years old but too small to participate in this activity. We will advise against this activity for the safety of the participants.
  • The activity may be cancelled at any time in case of bad weather.
  • The game is not recommended for pregnant women, participants with a history of heart disease or those undergoing medical treatment.

Is the Flyfish ticket price included?

The price you pay to play Flyfish includes:

  • Includes the use of equipment to support the Flyfishing activity.
  • Includes the use of life jackets for participants.
  • The fly fishing price includes service charges and taxes.
  • Participant insurance is also included.
  • Facilities for the use of lockers, restrooms, bathrooms, locker rooms, parking lots, clean towels that you can use.

Tips for playing Flyfishing Bali

To ensure your comfort during this activity, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. In addition to following all instructions and directions from our instructors. The following are some of the things you need to prepare.

The first thing you should bring is sunscreen to protect your skin from getting sunburned. Don’t forget to bring sunglasses and a hat so you can play comfortably.

You should also pay attention to the clothes you use, wear clothes that are casual and absorb sweat. You will be doing activities in the sun all day. Don’t forget to bring a change of clothes.

To be more comfortable, you should also wear sandals instead of shoes. Also, bring extra cash for your needs while you are there.

Final Thoughts

With us you can experience an unusual vacation. There are many interesting activities in Bali, one of them is Bali Flyfishing. Just call 081237711817 for reservations and more information.